Adiscreet solution

It is a solution that embeds the plate reading function in the sensor, allowing for a small network footprint, to support heavy traffic, transmission of the plate number, plate photo and a context image. These elements are generated at the sensor and transmitted to the central system that stores and processes the information. The solution has native compatibility with all European plate formats.

Our solution is based on a centralized client/server architecture on PCs or servers under windows. It requires a low consumption of CPU resources (the plate reading process is carried out at the sensor level). It can be hosted on any existing VMS system, hypervisor (GSC Genetec qualified) or dedicated infrastructure and uses a secure SQL database.

The solution allows for multi-sensor, multi-site (municipalities, cities, towns) management and has a data storage depth of 8 days.

It is accessible via a thin client (web interface) and can be integrated on any existing VMS or hypervisor via a web tile (GSC Genetec qualified).

It features real-time traffic monitoring and plate reading, as well as a search function on: stored data, date criteria, time slots and plate numbers (partial or complete).

All search results (including associated photos) are fully exportable in .csv format.