Protecting your data after a theft

Like most people, your smartphone contains all your life or almost all your life. Automatically saved passwords, banking data, sensitive data… So how do you react when your smartphone is stolen? What are the steps to follow and actions to take quickly to prevent the thief from retrieving all your data and misusing it?

1. Have your phone line blocked

As soon as the phone is stolen, the first reflex to have is to have your phone line suspended. The request can be made directly to your mobile phone operator via the internet in your customer area, or via the emergency number of the telephone operators. Your operator will provide you with the IMEI number of your phone during this operation. This number you will give to the police when you file a complaint or to your insurance company if you have an insurance policy for the loss or theft of a mobile phone.

Also note that most smartphones can also be disabled remotely.

2. Make a complaint

After deactivating your phone line, you must report the theft of the smartphone to a police station, giving the officers the EMEI number of the device. (You can also find it on the label on the box of your smartphone, it can also be registered in the customer area of your operator).

The police are responsible for sending the request for total blocking of the smartphone to your operator, who will deactivate the device within 1 to 4 days.

Don’t forget to check the classifieds sites to see if your phone is for sale. If so, don’t act alone and notify law enforcement to take over.

3. Replace your smartphone

Some operators and retailers offer insurance to replace the phone in case of loss. In the event of theft, a complaint must first be filed. The conditions under which a phone is replaced depend on the insurance contract signed. For example, the insurance may only work in case of theft with violence (an assault) and not because of a pickpocket. You should check with your operator or retailer.

The operator has the right to question you and ask you for more details before paying you compensation. I n France, making false declarations to get your phone replaced is a case of fraud. In addition, filing a false complaint with the police is an offence punishable by 6 months in prison and a €7,500 fine.