BVMS 10.0 Bosch Security Systems est enfin disponible chez SIPPRO Solutions IP Protection distributeur francais de solutions de sûreté pour les professionnels basé à Montpellier Bordeaux et Paris.

Continuous monitoring. Continued excellence.

The launch of Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) version 10.0 demonstrates the steps being taken to refine, improve and revolutionize methods for securing video. The full range of offerings Bosch Security Systems is comprehensive and now offers native Access Management System integration, enhanced levels of data security and privacy, greater openness with ONVIF Profile S certification, support for people recognition solutions and enhanced video wall functionality.

Maximum data security, performance and savings.

By taking additional security measures, BVMS 10.0 ensures that all communication links and stored information is secured using state-of-the-art encryption technologies.

SIPPRO Solutions IP Protection distributeur français de solutions de sûreté pour les professionnels basé à Montpellier Bordeaux et Paris. Expert cybersécurité. expert sûreté.

The data sent is protected by encrypting the data directly at the source, as well as encrypting all communication links between the key components of the system. This greatly reduces the risk of third-party attacks. Stored data is protected by AES encryption, which effectively prevents access by unauthorized persons.

These high levels of security are only possible with constant monitoring and improve overall reliability. This is the bare minimum to protect and manage sensitive data.

The cost is also preserved. All Bosch cameras encrypt the data sent directly to the storage server via the iSCSI recording protocol at the source, so there is virtually no impact on recording performance. This reduces costs in terms of recording hardware, power, cooling and maintenance.

A focus on openness and flexibility with ONVIF Profile S.

Thanks to the ONVIF Profile S certification of the operator customer, BVMS 10.0 can configure, request and control the viewing of the video stream from any Profile S device connected to the IP network, such as a fixed or mobile IP camera or even a compatible video encoder.

The certification ensures that Profile S cameras and encoders can work with BVMS 10.0 without additional testing, promoting customer confidence and cost savings by reducing installation time. In addition, upgrading to BVMS 10.0 is very easy for an existing installation using third-party devices. The process is extremely efficient as no additional testing is required if Profile S certified cameras are working with BVMS.

BVMS 10.0 is ready for people recognition. What’s yours?

Person recognition allows the user to enter details and data in the BVMS about the people they are looking for. It is then possible to identify these people as they enter the cameras’ field of view. To learn more about this additional feature of your video security system, contact your sales representative.

Benefit from native integration and secure site access with Access Management System.

Developed for medium and large applications, Access Management System is an access control software that, thanks to the native integration in BVMS 10.0, allows to increase the level of access security through the use of video verification. Thanks to this method of access management, the operator can now visually verify anyone wishing to enter by instantly certifying that it is the badge holder registered in the database. Unauthorized access is thus prevented.

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