10 ways to protect your job

Ensuring data protection is a key factor in ensuring the sustainability of a company. Discover our 10 tips to effectively protect your job.
  • Protect the premises 🔑

Remember to lock your computer whenever you are away from your desk, even during your coffee break. Also remember to lock your desk when you are away for longer periods of time and always be vigilant about access to your workspace.

  • The clean office policy 🗂

Don’t leave anything sensitive at hand! Arrange and store the temperature sensors in locked drawers or cabinets. Also consider using document shredders, rather than simply throwing them in the bin.

  • Protect your information, everywhere and on everything 🔐

Choose an effective password to restrict access to your smartphones, tablets and laptops whether you’re in the office or on the go. It contains at least 12 characters (numbers, letters, special characters) and must be anonymous: it must not contain any personal information (date of birth, first name, …). A password is renewed every 3 to 6 months.

  • Economic war is a reality 🕵

There is increased competition and industrial espionage. Don’t be naive! Don’t disclose sensitive information to anyone, stay discreet about your company’s activities, especially on social networks.

  • Select the information you are taking with you 💼

When you travel, take what you need and nothing but what you need. Don’t burden yourself with documents that won’t be useful for your interviews and encrypt your data. There will be less breakage in case of loss or theft of the transported information.

  • Avoid indiscretions 🤫

Don’t say too much, especially on the phone! Discussions can easily be recorded without your knowledge. Be careful and never reveal sensitive information over the phone.

  • During events 👀

Redouble your vigilance! The hyper-competitive context of trade fairs and public events leads your competitors to pose as possible customers. So be vigilant and never reveal sensitive information to a prospect.

  • Don’t put yourself in danger 👮

Respect the laws. Don’t do anything that goes against your company’s code of conduct.

  • Don’t lose the fruits of your labour 👩‍💻

Protect your business and don’t be vulnerable to your competitors. Protect your work and your company’s work as much as possible from outside parties who could represent a danger.

  • You’re not a security expert 🙋

Apply the rules in force in your organization and exchange with security managers on good practices to adopt.

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